Get ready, fans of “The Bachelorette”! The newest bachelorette has finally been announced.

Thankfully, they didn’t keep people waiting too long. Chris Harrison announces right off the bat to Britt that she has not been chosen as the bachelorette, which means Kaitlyn is season 11’s bachelorette!


The guys are ecstatic upon discovering that Kaitlyn is the bachelorette. Even the guys who may not have voted for her are good sports. The welder presents her with the metal rose that he made for her as well, which is super sweet.

Kaitlyn spends more time mingling with the 24 men since she still has a rose ceremony to get through by the end of the night. The guys who voted for Britt think about what they are going to do next, as some are a little disappointed. So Kaitlyn decides to spend some quality time with the guys that voted for Britt and see if there is a connection there.

The cupcake car guy even takes his opportunity of honesty to kiss Kaitlyn, which she definitely wasn’t expecting.

She gives the first-impression rose to Shawn B., which means another kiss! She says that kissing him was like having a first kiss in elementary.

Going into the first rose ceremony, the guys who voted for Britt are hoping that Kaitlyn appreciated their honesty.

In the middle of the rose ceremony, Brady calls Kaitlyn aside and continuing on with the whole honesty theme, tells her that he wants to leave to pursue Britt.

After the first rose ceremony, four guys are sent home and one left voluntarily. The last five minutes brings a shock as well…Nick Viall from Andi Dorfman’s season returns as part of the cast to pursue Kaitlyn’s heart.

Which guy stands out to you the most so far?

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