'The Bachelorette' Instagram

‘The Bachelorette’ Instagram

“The Bachelorette” is almost over…but not before all of the season’s controversy gets put out there on the Men Tell All.

The tension is palpable as some season highlights are played, complete with all the juiciest drama. Tanner is the first one to confront Ian on his “disrespectful” exit. Corey, who was eliminated week five, sticks up for Ian as far as his negative thoughts on Kaitlyn.

Ben H. shows his support for Kaitlyn, however, rhetorically questioning how long Corey was there. Ben H. says that he was glad that Kaitlyn was his bachelorette.

Ian then decides to take the floor, on bended knee, to ask for the forgiveness from the other guys. A majority of the guys accept his apology. No bad blood there!

The explosive drama from Clint is then brought up, with many of the guys agreeing that he was completely out of line. Clint sets the record straight, clarifying that he is in fact straight. JJ explains as well that they were just “intellectually curious” about each other.

The guys also mention the Nick drama and whether or not they thought it was appropriate for Kaitlyn to bring him on to the show weeks into the season. Most guys agreed that it was better to find out whether they had chemistry than to be left wondering at the end of it all.

Kupah didn’t see it that way and thought she should have left the show to go explore things with Nick. Josh described the drama by saying that she shouldn’t have been so upfront about saying that she thought her husband was in the room the very first evening.

JJ then takes center stage with Chris Harrison, watching a full reel of all his most cringe-worthy moments, including slapping himself across the face and his “bromance” with Clint.

Jared thinks that JJ is just an “acquired taste” but Corey once again interjects and says that they just did not like having him around.

Harrison then announces that JJ will be joining the cast of “Bachelor In Paradise.”

What did you think about the JJ/Clint drama?

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