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After having a great first-meeting with Kaitlyn’s family, Nick and Kaitlyn spend time together on what could be their last date.

Kaitlyn is ecstatic that her family liked Nick, especially since she’s “in love” with him. Nick feels the same way since he sees spending the rest of his life with her.

She is still feeling unsure, however, as to who she could see spending forever with and is looking for some clarity.

Her and Nick spend time reminiscing on their first time meeting in New York and how nervous they were. She is grateful that he took that chance to meet her and now it’s her last chance to sort through her confusion.

He presents her with a present–a picture frame with a photo from their first date and a love note he had written. How sweet!

She feels very much in love with Nick and expresses excitement over the prospect of having that feeling with him for the rest of her life.

Shawn and Kaitlyn’s final date of the season brings them to a vineyard and they are in disbelief that it is their last date.

Shawn is feeling nervous over what happened between her and Nick during their date and is looking for some answers.

Before he can feel comfortable proposing to Kaitlyn, Shawn has some pressing questions. And as it turns out, he doesn’t ask any of them. Instead, they reflect on what their future could potentially be like.

Shawn has a gift for her too and he gives her a memory jar filled with photos, notes and souvenirs from their dates.

She is still feeling very much conflicted, though, and worries about hurting someone.

Do you think both guys will end up proposing?