"The Bachelorette" Twitter
“The Bachelorette” Twitter

It’s proposal day! And you know what that means…ring shopping!

Nick has some moments of déjà vu as he recalls the moment Andi Dorfman came to his door to send him home before he proposed.

Arriving at the Mansion in a sparkling champagne gown, Kaitlyn prepares to hand out the final rose.

Nick arrives first, hoping for a better outcome than last time. He proposes to her in a long, heartfelt reflection but ultimately she stops him just short of pulling out the ring.

She tells him that her heart is with somebody else but needed every last second with him to ultimately figure it out.


Obviously feeling hurt, Nick and Kaitlyn part ways in an emotional goodbye. In the limo, Nick tosses the engagement ring as well as the ring he and Kaitlyn bought in Ireland.

Finally, the moment the entire Bachelor Nation has been waiting for…Shawn arrives last, greeted by a kiss.

Kaitlyn accepts Shawn’s completely romantic proposal, and that completes the Bachelor Nation paradise ending. He accepts the final rose. Shawn also received the first impression rose on night one.

Were you rooting for Shawn?

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