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It all comes down to two, Bachelor Nation. But who will Kaitlyn choose–Nick or Shawn?

Last week, Kaitlyn got the opportunity to meet the guys’ families and now, the guys get to meet her family in Los Angeles.

She openly admits to her family that she is falling in love with both of them and admits that one of the final two is Nick Viall. Shocker!

Her mother is not ready to accept, however, that Nick is a different person than what he was during Andi Dorfman’s season.

Nick is the first one to meet her family and she prepares him by admitting that she told them about his late entrance to the season and their early “fantasy suite” in Dublin.

They question Nick about his last relationship, which was with Andi. Despite being a contestant for the “experience” with Andi, he assures them that he is strictly there for Kaitlyn this season.

Kaitlyn’s mother calls Nick as seeming possessive and jealous from Andi’s season and wants to know what Kaitlyn sees in him. He acknowledges their strong connection, to which she questions if that will always be there.

Nick shows her his emotional side though, and says that she would be happy if he proposed to Kaitlyn.

Nick and Kaitlyn part ways and Nick admits to feeling uneasy only because he won’t know what happens with Shawn’s visit.

Before meeting Shawn, Kaitlyn’s mother expresses reservations about him as well, calling out his jealous tendencies.

Shawn admits to her family that when Kaitlyn was eliminated during “The Bachelor,” that he sent a picture of her to his friends with a heart around it.

Despite revealing his romantic side, Kaitlyn’s mother still questions him about his jealousy. He says they have a relationship built on “trust and honesty” and he says it has been hard to contain his jealousy because of how strongly he feels.

Mom likes Shawn, too. So does her sister, who tells Kaitlyn that she is #TeamShawn. Shawn asks her parents for their blessing to propose to Kaitlyn as well.

Are you #TeamShawn or #TeamNick?