One of Nick’s most pressing questions for Kaitlyn is why he expressed her love to him. Since it didn’t end with an accepted proposal, she just says that she felt most strongly about Shawn.

His late arrival to the season is again rehashed about how much he would have regretted not meeting Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn even admits that she debated going to tell Nick the morning of the proposal and the tearful ending is shown again.

Despite feeling somewhat confident, Nick hoped that she would have told him before he gave his heartfelt proposal. She admits it could have gone differently but that there were just so many thoughts running through her head.

Nick still wishes her the best, though, and they finally part ways.

Kaitlyn and Shawn are then once again reunited and they discuss their future plans. They want to start “living life” with family and friends, and Shawn even mentions standing up for “his girl.”

Now we just need to know who the new bachelor is…

Who are you hoping it will be?