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Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are clearly in complete bliss at the arrival to the “After the Final Rose.” Another Bachelor Nation engagement!

For the guy that did not get such a happy ending, Nick Viall arrives to tell his side of the story. He says he felt a little blindsided but didn’t regret feeling completely trusting.

Nick explains their relationship prior to the season’s premiere and how they often texted and kept in touch. Once he discovered that Kaitlyn was the bachelorette, he wanted to take that huge risk in appearing on the show.

He goes on to talk about that explosive evening of drama in Dublin and discusses how it really wasn’t so shocking because they knew each other so well before the show.

Mulling over the bad bromance between him and Shawn, Nick actually defends Shawn for a split second, saying how hard it was when he came on the show weeks into the season.

And then the moment arrives when they come face-to-face. They give each other a civil handshake but there’s still a slight “the other guy” jab.

Shawn says that he just couldn’t pretend to like someone that he had a “bad feeling” about and tried to mostly avoid Nick.

Chris Harrison approaches the jealousy aspect of the show and Shawn just says that he’s human and he wanted to be with the one he loves.

At the end of the day, they both regret the time wasted in their conflict that could have been spent with Kaitlyn.

Were you expecting Shawn and Nick to be so amicable?

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