If you’re wondering how the Nintendo Gameboy classic Tetris could ever function as a live-action movie with a full story line, you aren’t alone. The idea has much of the gaming world puzzled. A number of classic video games have been transformed into successful movies, of course, but most of them have actual characters.

Threshold Entertainment will be handling the movie. They’re also behind the Mortal Kombat movies, Lego: Star Wars, Marvel Superheros 4D, and others in the same vein. The Tetris movie, however, promises to be a live-action film, not an animated one.

According to a press release from Tetris, the movie will be an epic sci-fi story.

Henk Rogers, Managing Director of The Tetris Company, spoke of his excitement about working with Threshold Entertainment, saying that Tetris is a game that has brought together people of all ages and backgrounds. As for the movie, he says,

In this new universe, as you’ll soon find out, there’s much more to Tetris than simply clearing lines.

The Tetris brand is thirty years old, and the game is a revolution in itself, with hundreds of millions of copies sold on various platforms. It is reported to have been the first game in space, which is perhaps fitting for the sci-fi background of the movie.

There’s no doubt the classic game has touched many, and inspired creative ideas. Cakes and cookies have been designed to mimic the game pieces, and a wide variety of stacking and rearranging tasks, from dishes to crates to furniture placement, have been compared to gameplay.




Details about the movie are still few and far between, and gamers and moviegoers alike anxiously await further word on what we can expect. The Tetris creator promises that it won’t be shapes with feet, though.

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