Teresa Romero, the first person to be diagnosed with the Ebola virus outside of Africa is now free and clear of the disease, according to officials.  The definitive test results show no sign of the virus tat has captured the attention of the world.

Dr. Jose Ramon Arribas, head of the Carlos III Hospital’s Infectious Disease Unit, said in a statement on Tuesday, “The criteria set by the World Health Organization for curing the Ebola virus have been fulfilled … She is now cured.”

Romero was diagnosed with Ebola on October 6, sparking fears that the disease was going to spread much faster and more intensely than first expected, and that it would spread across Europe.  She was a member of a nursing staff that treated two Spanish missionaries who contracted Ebola and passed away in August and September.  Romero, along with 14 people at the hospital and Romero’s husband, Javier Limon, were in contact with the infected missionaries, although none have shown symptoms of contracting the disease.

Arribas made a statement alongside a slate of doctors to discuss Romero and the fact she had been cured of the virus.  Romero had gone through four rounds of tests to ensure she was clear of Ebola, and while Dr. Arribas said she make take a few days to eradicate her body of the symptoms, she no longer carries the Ebola virus in her system.  According to officials, there is a 42-day wait that is mandatory in determining whether or not a person is free and clear of Ebola.

The news came as a relief to many in Spain who had been following the progress of Teresa Romero and were concerned about here health and the ongoing spread of Ebola.  Dr. Marta Arsuaga, one of the doctors who tended to Teresa Romero, said “Someone surviving the Ebola virus is always a cause for celebration.”

[photo credit: Adolfo Lujan]

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