Jenelle Evans, one of the original Teen Moms from the MTV reality show, has been working hard to improve her life and image.  However, that didn’t stop Child Protective Services from paying her a visit recently.

Evans has a toddler, Jace, with an old boyfriend, and a three-month old son, Kaiser, with her current boyfriend, Nathan Griffith.  A few weeks ago, CPS was called to Evans’ home more than fifty times thanks to a photo Evans posted on her twitter account showing her three-month old with what appeared to be a black eye.  Griffith has had a history of alcohol abuse, collecting three DUIs over recent years, and is also shown getting rather angry when he drinks on Teen Mom 2.

This week, CPS made another appearance at Jenelle Evans’ home, this time arriving unannounced.  This time around, according to a statement from CPS, claiming “they had gotten reports of Jace being abused by Evans… [and] had gotten calls from people, who claimed that her five-year-old son Jace was being abused by Jenelle in the home she shares with Nathan Griffith and their young son, Kaiser.”  The visit produced no evidence, however, as the case has been closed in the State of North Carolina.

Evans then went to Twitter again, posting another picture of her youngest son and saying “there was no evidence to substantiate abuse, neglect or dependency.” The letter also lists the case as “unsubstantiated and closed.”  The calls from Jenelles’ Twitter followers appear to be malicious and unwarranted.

Jenelle Evans was one of the most troubled Teen Moms on the MTV program, but has recently worked hard to shed her past of drug abuse.  She is currently working to regain custody of Jace from her mother, Barbara, who fears Jace may feel abandoned if she gives up her supervision.

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[photo credit: MTV]