Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris (aka “Tayvin”) have called it quits after just over a year of dating. This can only mean one thing…


Yep. Brace yourself … new music is probably being penned as we speak.

Now, before the herds of Swifties hunt me down for hating on their girl Tay, I’m sure she’s going through a tough time, but it is an undeniable fact that her music is very much autobiographical. She openly talks about this, so it seems like fair game to openly consider what songs might come out of this breakup and land on her next album.

So for purely entertainment purposes only, here are 10 possible songs for Taylor’s next effort.



This one will have lyrics that are something to the effect of “this is where we crashed” and will tell the story of how the antagonist in the story, Adam (Calvin Harris’ real name), had a horrible accident right before they broke up and it will possibly be heavily emphasized as a major turning point. If she wrote about Harry Styles having a snowmobile accident and needing to go to the emergency room, this actually seems quite possible.

“Laying Low”

A while back, Taylor said that she was in a “magical” relationship with Calvin Harris and she was just kind of laying low with it. This track could potentially either refer to that, or it could refer to what she’s doing now, post-breakup. I guess the good news is that she can devote more of her time to Meredith again, because what is laying low without cats?


“Magical Illusions”

This potential track would tell the story of how she thought she was in a magical place but it was all a lie. It was only magical illusions. Again. It’s potentially the female empowerment breakup anthem for Summer 2018.

“This Could Have Been Camelot”


Every now and then, she seems to throw a song onto an album that’s about a relationship that’s been over for quite some time. This one is a wistful tune about Conor Kennedy, who, for some reason, was my favorite of all of Taylor’s gentleman callers. I feel like he deserves another go at some air time.

“Alone Again (Naturally)”

Okay, I know Taylor is super serious about her songwriting and she is the one creating all of her own music. But let’s assume she decides to do a cover. It’s going to have to be a cover that not many of her fans are going to know, but it’s still got to really capture the essence of her sadness after this breakup, so my vote is for 70s gloom-tune “Alone Again (Naturally),” originally recorded by Gilbert O’Sullivan. I’d actually be really interested to see what she does with that, musically speaking.



This is as close as Taylor gets to her own version of Britney Spears 2007. This is going to be her biggest “I’ve had it with all of you being up in my relationships and my business and writing snarky articles about me on the internet” song to date. It will differ from “Shake It Off” only in the attitude she presents.



This one is a mid-tempo story about a love that just didn’t have what it takes, but both parties had so much respect for each other and their individual talents and promised to stay friends when they parted ways amicably. There will be undertones of “this was totally not as amicable as you think it is, but I’m strong and I’m dealing with it.”

“What Happens Later”


Alternate title: “The Aftermath.” This one is a cautionary tale. Before Calvin Harris dated Taylor Swift, he dated another songstress, Rita Ora. Their breakup may or may not have taken place on Twitter. Either way, later on down the road, Rita Ora said that when she and Calvin Harris split, it was very amicable — just like the Tayvin split is claimed to be — but then later on it got really weird. This one is going to be a letter to Rita Ora in the form of a song, talking about how she should have seen the signs.

“Back Into the Woods”

But this time, the woods take on a different meaning.

“Shake It Off (Remix)”

This is where she’ll throw some shade. She can ear-worm her way into everyone’s brains again in the most tortuous way, but this time she can make it a dance mix so that she’s not defined by genres. Let’s get another DJ who isn’t Calvin Harris involved. Maybe Tiesto is free.

Bonus Track: “Meredith”

I really just want to hear an ode to friendship written about and for her cat Meredith (probably with a special guest appearance by her other cat, Olivia, but this is really about Meredith). Meredith is already kind of a celebrity in her own right (among Swifties), I guess. Someone made this fan video devoted to the cat, so we’ll just end on that note.

What songs do you think will make the cut on Taylor Swift’s next album?