Food creations and flavors just keep getting stranger year after year. From Burger King’s Whopperito to Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and, yes, even Greek Tzatziki Lay’s potato chips, consumers just keep, quite literally, eating it up. The newest strange-flavored food just may be the strangest yet: Swedish-fish-flavored Oreo cookies.

Don’t get me wrong, both are delicious. But I have to seriously question the thought process that went into combining the two in order to create the latest Nabisco cookie flavor.

According to the People Food, the cookie still maintains its classic chocolate wafer crunch. The creme is what’s flavored and is described as “sticky, chewy and slimy.” The article goes on to say, however, that the limited-edition Swedish Fish-Flavored Oreo is only available at Kroger.

This isn’t the only “unique” flavor that has come to the classic Oreo creme. Other unusual flavors include Banana Split, Candy Cane, Candy Corn, Cool Mint (like the mouthwash), Fruit Punch, Limeade and many more.

Social Media Reacts to New Swedish Fish-Flavored Oreos

Is the newest Oreo flavor a win or is it doomed to flounder? Share your thoughts below!