Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will arrive early next month, and next week a public demo will be offered for free to anyone who wants to play.  With that being said, some enterprising Nintendo gamers are selling demo codes to the game one week early.

Nintendo this week began sending out the promo codes to platinum members. The company offered four codes to those gamers so they could “play with friends.”

Instead of handing over the free codes to buddies, gamers started selling them for cold hard cash on eBay. The average cost of a code? $6.50 to $9.00.

A few buyers were even willing to pay upwards of $50 per code. Here’s the crazy part, a free public game demo will arrive next week. Yet some gamers are paying the full cost of the game to have an early demo one week later.

Super Smash Bros

If you can contain your excitement over Super Smash Bros. for one full week, you will be able to pick up the demo on September 19.

As previously reported by Business2Community, gamers were super excited and freaking out last week when new game characters were revealed.