Sony and Capcom have jointly announced that the highly anticipated Street Fighter V will be a PS4 exclusive for gaming consoles. It will also be made available on PC and allow for cross-platform play. This means that Street Fighter fans that opted for an Xbox One over a PS4 are out of luck.

Capcom also announced the release of Ultra Street Fighter 4, to be released in the spring of 2015. This version will mark the fourth update for SF4 and will feature five new characters as well as new stages and character designs. The additional characters bring the total fighter count to 44, making it the largest roster of any Street Fighter game.

A small gameplay footage for SFV has been released and features a brief snippet of two of the series’ most iconic characters: Ryu and Chun Li. The gameplay appears solid and similar to SF4, but with PS4 visual capabilities.

With Street Fighter V being a PS4 exclusive, diehard fans just might be tempted to purchase a PS4 over an Xbox One this holiday season if they don’t already own one of the two consoles. SF is the franchise that revolutionized the popularity of one-on-one fighting games. When the original Street Fighter II was released for the arcade back in 1991, it amassed a cult-like popularity. It was also the first of its genre to feature selectable characters, each with their own specific set of attacks and special moves. Just two years after its release, the game had brought in a $1.5 billion revenue in sales from the home cartridge version and merchandise.

Street Fighter was also the game that paved the way for other successful fighting game series that came after, including Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Soul Calibur, and Dead or Alive.

With Street Fighter V only for the PS4, some fans will ultimately miss out, though for Sony and Capcom, the move is certainly a strategic one that could very well pay off come release time. If you are bummed about SFV not being released on Xbox One, then here is a message you can send to Capcom: →, ↓, →, SP. If you don’t get what this means, then GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN.

[photo credit: Joey]