Ever had that hankering for something sweet in the middle of the night? Most people can relate to that late-night sweet tooth craving.

Enter Sprinkles Cupcakes. The company debuted their 24-hour cupcake ATM on Tuesday, March 25.

Sprinkles Cupcakes already have a name for themselves in making these sweet treats (including cupcakes, ice cream, and cookies). They even provide the fresh-baked confections to Hollywood celebrities and delicious dessert enthusiasts alike.

Each cupcake from the ATM costs $4.25 and will include delectable flavors like red velvet and cinnamon sugar.


Holly Madison was the first person to get a cupcake from the new cupcake ATM, which is located in New York’s Upper East Side next to their bakery.

What do you think of Sprinkles Cupcakes idea to distribute cupcakes through an ATM?