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Ladies and Gentlemen, “… and the Oscar goes to…” those were the words of A-list presenters as they were decorating the BEST of the best in their respective fields of the cinematography with a statue of a golden man, so little and yet such a fierce symbol of power and dominance in the kingdom of Hollywood. The new kings and queens were crowned this past Sunday and we were sure to have a look at what the ‘common’ men and women thought about the ‘coronation’ ceremony and shared their not-so-humble opinions on Twitter.

In less than 24 hours, record number of 12 millions of Tweets streamed through the Firehose and into our data library overnight from Sunday to Monday morning. Tweets were relatively evenly distributed between male (47%) and female (53%) authors from around the globe. Authors in the USA were the most active, sending 7 million Tweets (22,500 Tweets per one million people).

It all started hour and a half before the ceremony with celebrities rolling down the red carpet: cue #JLaw. “See and be seen” that’s the motto of the pre-Oscar red carpet walk that many of us find more exciting than the Oscar ceremony itself – glued to our TV, tablet, and mobile screens, watching and digesting the highlights, equally exciting faux pas and glitches.

Looking classy and 100% drop-dead gorgeous, wearing the most spectacular haute couture gowns, fitted tuxedos, shiny ball shoes and being decked from head to toe in the most extravagant jewelry pieces featuring diamonds the size of an ostrich egg and sipping the finest champagne, graciously approaching interview-hungry reporters who lined up, waiting for their 5 seconds with the megawatt stars.

We ran a quick analysis pairing the core keywords defining Oscars conversation, with the iterations of ‘red carpet’ and narrowing the search down to allow us zoom in on the conversation concentrated around the pre-ceremony moments full of glitter, glamour, and nerves. Thanks to automated clustering algorithm, ForSight’s Topic Waves social intelligence feature enables us to recognize trends and pinpoints the most dominant sub-conversations, which is extremely efficient especially with the larger social media discussions. Topic Waves uncovered the hottest topics and told us the story of the red carpet.

Trying to learn little more about the people who are shaping the general public perception of the red carpet happenings and striving to uncover their social identity, we turned to our very new feature, Affinities, which identifies the topics that authors posting about Oscars and red carpet are interested in.

Affinities helped us collect the background information about the authors, Next to the Oscars red carpet, these people are also interested in trendy fashion brand Anthropologie, known for its refined bohemian style, beauty care brand Aveeno popular as well among A-list ladies such as Jennifer Aniston; further followed by other relevant topics e.g. New York Fashion week, Event Planning, Public Relations etc.

At this point, the night was still young and the universe was impatiently waiting to hear the names of this year’s Oscars winners. While they waited, social media users flooded the streams of social media with conversations of different natures. Thanks to the robust buzz monitor again using Topic Waves paired with cluster visualizations, we scoped the overall large chatter well enough to detect the leading ‘nominees’ for the deep dive analysis categories, allowing us to approach the opinion monitor more effectively. We were ready and so was Ellen.

The evening started progressing and first awards were handed over to their new owners. Challenging ourselves with the goal to make it even richer, we prepared a bonus that offers a glimpse on the before-conversation, surfacing the most prolific nuances from the pre-Oscar hype as it was getting higher and higher.

From the beginning of the year we collected little over 600K tweets, which is 22 times less mentions than what was generated during the Oscar night and the following few hours. Just a reminder, the total volume for that short period of time is 13 million mentions.

The two most prevalent categories are setting the tone for the analysis – excitement (33%) as the moment we all waited for so long was getting closer and closer. Expectations – not only towards the favorite nominees 24%, but the host of the evening Ellen DeGeneres is also getting some of the ‘pre’ – attention.

social media inteliigence Oscars2014 Ellen

And we cannot leave out ‘Jokes and Snarkyness’ (8%). Rough Humor and harsh sarcasm are the pillars that Twitter stands solid on, we cannot change that, neither can we change that Leo was the main target of these chains of jokes for his zero Oscar score, but John Travolta must be a true friend of his, because in the Oscar night conversation, he took the pressure of the handsome Wolf of Wall Street actor and took the burden upon his shoulders and the shoulders of mysterious “Adele Dazeem.”

Some of categories that helped to define the spine of the before-Oscars conversation were lightly negative as for example the talks discussing controversy around one of the best songs nominees ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ being disqualified (6%). The unfair leftouts (5%) were another less cheerful topic. The unhappy vibe was mostly triggered by the fact that Tom Hanks has not been included into the pool of candidates for the best actor in the leading role. But there was also some extra enthusiasm. Already mentioned red carpet moments were subject of discussion with 4% in before and 19% percent in the Oscar Night analysis. The hype and thrill was growing as the audience was setting themselves for the quest to watch all the nominated films for the best picture and planning their Oscar movies marathon roaster.

The abundant Oscars conversation from the March 2nd is defined by three main knots: Oscar moments and highlights scoring 27%, winners with 31% and most importantly Ellen’s tricks and genius ideas as a host stealing an impressive 42% of the conversation.

Taking the winners group under the radar as we drill deeper the three most discussed laureates were Gravity as the most awarded project scoring 5% from the overall breakdown. Powerhouse Disney scored another two golden statues into their collection, the best animated movie Frozen together with its signature song “Let it Go” and became a very popular item of the evening acquiring 12% from the total proportion, and last but certainly not least the winner of the main category and the best picture of this year’s academy awards 12 Years a Slave that scored the exact same number from the analysis breakdown12%.

The golden moment of the evening was the ‘pizza party’. Well, let’s just be honest, who does not want to have Brad Pitt passing around plastic plates and serving you a slice with pepperoni. Looking at the proportion of 13% for another Ellen’s brilliant ideas, seems like many of us do.

This year’s ceremony was good to viewers. We got rewarded by the phenomenal performances (27%) by U2 and their rock ballade Ordinary Love. Pharrell Williams made us all very ‘Happy’, he had the entire room on their feet and if only that, he got even Meryl Streep to “shake it.” The house was brought down by Pink, turning into wizard as she managed to stop the universe for couple magical moments, mesmerizing us with her impeccable rendition of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, taking us back to the childhood memories of Oz.

… And then “THE” selfie happened.

More than 3.1 million Retweets, “broke” Twitter and represented 28% of the overall conversation. Because when Ellen and Meryl set their minds on something, these two Hollywood ladies follow through. Even when it requires to bring the whole ensemble of the Hollywood’s finest, the crème de la crème of the current showbiz scene together for a quick selfie. We all unanimously agree that this bold genius move deserves its very own Oscar!

Speaking of winners, we cannot leave out those who brings the scripts and characters to life and who this evening is very much about – actors. We narrowed the search down and focused on the hottest names with the highest probability to score a win. First, we analyzed the conversation before the Sunday event and then looked at the after-picture to see how the streams of conversation shifted.

Jared Leto blew audiences away with his beautiful emotional speech and thanks to winning his first Oscar and hearts of us all, he doubled his previous score moving from 12% to 25%. The cast form magnificent Dallas Buyers Club was on fire that night. Matthew McConaughey maintained the momentum and thanks to his win and again very ravishing acceptance speech he managed to more than quadruple his figures from 4% to 20%.
Keeping the finest for the closing part, now it’s the time to discuss Lupita Nyong’o. Although a young novice on paper, Lupita is mature and an old soul. Audiences were captivated by her words as she thanked from the podium those who helped her on her journey to the golden statue. Fan fact: the acceptance speeches made such an impact this year, they came strong in the previous monitor results mapping the overall Oscars conversation, scoring 3% from the 13 million package of posts, which is almost half a million mentions.

The Actor’s monitor is the evidence how stars can be born over night. Before the Oscars night the two America’s sweethearts Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence (#JLaw) were ruling our Actors analysis breakdown, equally popular with 30% each.

As the long-awaited moment arrived and names were announced, the audience promptly switched gears and both winning supporting actor and actress stole the thunder for themselves and instantly became the ‘leading’ characters, the hottest items of the night, from underdogs and first time nominees to Oscars, from zero to hero, between the two of them sharing more than 55% of the overall actors conversation.

social media inteliigence Oscars2014 party tweet

The new owners hold their golden trophies firmly in their hands, almost three hours long ceremony is over, pressure is off and everybody is more than ready to go… well, certainly NOT home! It’s paaaarty time! The most opulent are thrown in the most exclusive locations around LA. And as much as we would love to do a very granular autopsy on this exciting topic, unfortunately there is not much textual ‘gravity’ allowing us to perform a relevant deep dive analysis on the post-Oscar ceremony content floating in the space of the Twitterverse. However, the below sample helps us to guess what the actionable insights might be…