Cue all the “notice me” jokes…it’s National Middle Child Day! Though I can’t personally relate (only child here), middle children are known for typical feelings of being left out or invisible, also known as Middle Child Syndrome.

According to the National Day Calendar, Aug. 12 recognizes the middle child of the family. “The ‘Middle Child Syndrome’ states that the first-born is often the leader and the role-player while the youngest one is always considered the baby of the family, therefore, leaving the middle child without a special ‘role’.” But it’s not all bad. The listing for National Middle Child Day goes on to say that studies have shown middle children to be artistic and creative.

Other characteristics of middle children, according to Psychology Today, include being great negotiators, powerful trailblazers and justice-seekers. In other words, don’t buy into all myths about middle children.

So here’s to all the Stephanie Tanners, Cory Matthewses, Jan Bradys, Lisa Simpsons, Bill Gateses, Jennifer Lopezes, Chris Hemsworths, Pippa Middletons (and many more) of the world. Today’s your day!

Twitter Celebrates Middle Children Everywhere

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