Acton is an up-and-coming “smart electric skates” product seeking a $1 million for 3.5 percent in his company. Their wearable transportation includes Rocket Skates that are powered by your feet.

They can go up to 10 m.p.h. and can go for 10 miles before needing a charge. They are powered solely by your feet, with a tag line of “This is how we roll.”

Fun-loving investor Herjavec is the first one to try out the product, stumbling a few times but ultimately figuring out the movements.

O’Leary questions how easy it is to pick up. He explains that most of their audience is college students so they can pick it up pretty quickly.

People explain that they use them to get to work or the train station. They are very versatile.

He has a patent on the product, with multiple patents pending.

Last year, they had $1 million in sales with a projection of $2 million for the rest of the year.

He tells O’Leary that he projects the net worth for the year to be $10 million.

Technology mogul Herjavec likes the product but does not like the equity being offered. He goes out, but says he will buy a pair of skates.

Kutcher goes out next. He sees a lot of people in that space and says that he didn’t feel excited to strap on a pair of skates immediately.

O’Leary is not feeling the love either for that valuation.

Greiner feels as though he didn’t try hard enough to get a deal and given her intuition, goes out, despite being assured that he is looking for a deal.

Cuban likes it too but did not like the fact that he was all over the place with his numbers during his presentation.

O’Leary offers $1 million for 15 percent, which is countered back at six percent. His next counter is seven percent. Given that his original valuation of cut in half, O’Leary still isn’t impressed.

Finally, he counters eight percent to which O’Leary still does budge. He does not accept the deal and O’Leary tells him, “You’re dead to me,” telling him he made a big mistake.

Final deal: None.