Next into the tank is Village Scholarships seeking $125,000 for 10 percent equity.

The company aims to help ease the burden of student debt. Their crowdfunding website is in the early stages and has made no money.

Robert Herjavec questions it’s really a business, given that most of the money comes through donations. Once those funds are brought in, the student can be matched with eligible scholarships.

They charge eight and a half percent for each donation, which turns off Kevin O’Leary and he goes out, as does Herjavec.

Social reactions from Village Scholarships’ appearance on “Shark Tank”:

Lori Greiner cites her experience with another scholarship app but she is concerned that it is still in its infancy. She goes out.

Chris Sacca finds four different platforms within their one company and since they have a lack of focus, goes out. Mark Cuban, too, agrees that they came in too early so goes out.

Final deal: None.

What do you think of the Village Scholarships idea?