Company: Two Guys Bow Ties

Founders: Adam Teague and Tim Paslay

Season: Appeared on season 7

Two Guys Bow Ties puts a unique twist on classic accessories, such as bow ties, lapels and fedoras. The accessories are made out of wood and materials include African Zebrawood, Peruvian Walnut, South American Bocote, Canary and more. There are also various patterns, including plaid and polka dot, with a finishing touch of fabric on each bow tie. They also have a line of skyline bowties, which show off customers’ hometown pride. Looking to provide originality within men’s accessories, Teague and Paslay “developed

Looking to provide originality within men’s accessories, Teague and Paslay “developed hand crafted bow ties that enabled them to fuse old school craftsmanship with modern style,” according to their site. “Their efforts resulted in an innovative and superior product that established wood as a new and distinctive material in the fashion industry.”

When the duo appeared on “Shark Tank,” Kevin O’Leary immediately took an interest in the product since his investment portfolio already included many wedding services. Despite his involvement in the wedding industry, they ultimately accepted an offer from fashion mogul Daymond John for $150,000 for 17.5 percent equity, with a 10 percent royalty until the money was paid back.

Where Is Two Guys Bow Ties Now?

Before even appearing in the tank, Two Guys Bow Ties was able to move into a storefront location in Tulsa. After appearing on “Shark Tank,” their wooden accessories seemed to pop up everywhere, however, their website doesn’t indicate the amount that their sales increased. They do, however, offer a sneak peak into their mail orders, with boxes upon boxes pictured in their 2015 recap blog. Since appearing in the tank, they also launched a line of fraternity wooden bow ties, as well as kid-size bow ties and pocket squares.

The bow ties, lapels and wood-brimmed fedoras have also been worn by celebrities, including on “The Voice UK,” Cam Newton and other athletes in press conferences and The Roots’ Questlove on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Earlier this year, co-founder Paslay told Tulsa World that after “Shark Tank,” they came away with “exposure you can’t pay for.” According to the interview, the sales they did in the two months after appearing on the tank “was the same as the entire last year.” In a separate interview with KJRH-TV, the founders indicated that they were working to create a lasting brand. Paslay said in the interview, “It was one of those things that we worked hard to make sure we had a good product that we were proud of; that was well-crafted, and we thought looked good. From there, we tried to get it to people we thought would enjoy it. It’s just grown.”