Company: Pavlok

Founder: Maneesh Sethi

Season: Appeared on season 7

Pavlok is an aversion therapy device that helps fight bad habits, like smoking and overspending. The smart wristband trains your brain by mildly zapping you if you engage in the bad habit. According to the website, it uses zaps, beeps, vibrations and taps whenever you engage in something you just can’t seem to quit. It works with an app and you choose what bad habit the wristband should detect.

When Sethi originally appeared on season 7 of “Shark Tank,” his premise was met with resistance. He came in asking for a $500,000 investment for 3.14 percent equity. Mark Cuban called him a con artist and when all but one shark, Kevin O’Leary was still in and made a deal in the form of a loan, he turned it down.

He later told Business Insider that he didn’t want to partner with O’Leary because of his “bully persona.” Knowing how heated things can get in the tank and Mr. Wonderful’s temperament, O’Leary snapped at Sethi as he left the tank, saying, “Get the f— out of here.” When the episode aired, O’Leary took to Twitter to call Sethi out, calling him a “cockroach” and using another notorious line through hashtag form: #DeadToMe.

Where Is Pavlok Now?

Sethi told Business Insider that after appearing on “Shark Tank,” he sold 10,000 wristbands in the nine months after he pitched. He also raised more than $320,000 through an Indiegogo campaign for a Pavlok alarm clock, which trains snooze-button enthusiasts to become morning people. The campaign has over 2,600 backers and was more than 29,000 percent funded. According to Pavlok’s Shark Tank page, since airing, they’ve also created courses to help train bad habits, integrated with IFTTT and created a productivity Chrome extension. The page also says that shark Daymond John is a fan.