Next is Tutublue seeking $200,000 for 25 percent equity.

Tutublue is a new kind of swimwear that infuses UPF 50 right into the fabric of the suit. It is, therefore, a sunscreen alternative.

Kevin O’Leary mentions the problem of demographics, since it covers more skin, but she has no numbers because she just started a little over a month ago. There is also a children’s line. She is also developing a line of shark-repellant suits.

Social reactions from Tutublue’s appearance on Shark Tank:

She says that she was inspired to create the line because of her melanoma diagnosis. The suit costs $220, but has no proof that people want to buy it.

Barbara Corcoran seems interested but goes out because the company is too much in its infancy. Mark Cuban says that she suggested too many directions, therefore, caused confusion in her focus. For the same reason, Robert Herjavec goes out. Cuban goes out as well.

Lori Greiner likes the design but sees it as too early on; going out. O’Leary likes the idea but says she came in asking for too much money. He goes out.

Final deal: None.

Would you buy a Tutublue swimsuit?