Next up is Total Tie Keep seeking $50,000 for 25 percent equity. The necktie accessory, founded by a federal agent entrepreneur, controls and straightens the necktie–the ultimate accessory in any fancy clothes-wearer’s closet.

Robert Herjavec asks how he came up with the idea, which came from the idea of being in command when you walk into a room. The pack comes with strips in white, blue, gray and black.

Having a full-time job, however, he has no sales. His full-time job and possible lack of commitment really worries the sharks though.

Social reactions from Total Tie Keep’s appearance on “Shark Tank”:

Considering he doesn’t wear ties, however, Mark Cuban says, “Swag isn’t about what I wear.” Because of this, he goes out. Lori Greiner and Cuban both go out for not being the right partner. Not being able to get over his possible lack of commitment, Herjavec goes out as well.

Kevin O’Leary goes out too, as does Daymond John for his lack of sales and for what O’Leary called a “hobby.”

Final deal: None.

Would you buy Total Tie Keep?