Last into the tank is Teaspressa seeking $50,000 for 10 percent equity.

Teaspressa is “tea inspired by coffee,” according to their website and serve up “tea shots,” similar to shots of espresso. Flavors include Charles Grey, Manhattan Black, Cape Town and more.

The machine that makes the tea is patent pending. A self-proclaimed “hustler,” she ends up confusing the sharks as to what she’s actually offering.

With the investment, she hopes to amp up her website, as well as develop the technology.

Social reactions from Teaspressa’s appearance on Shark Tank:

Barbara Corcoran doesn’t believe she’s communicating her ideas clearly so goes out, as does Kevin O’Leary for the same reason.

Mark Cuban tries to calm her and get her back on track, however, he believes she came in too early. He goes out.

Robert Herjavec goes out too, for the same reason as the others, followed by Lori Greiner. She advises her to “focus and bite away at each inch.” The sharks offer her parting advice and encourage her to continue pursuing her vision.

Final deal: None.

Would you try Teaspresso?