First into the tank is Spretz, seeking $100,000 for 20 percent equity.

The Spretz spray has a dual purpose: removing odor from your mouth and from your hands. While it removes odor from hands, it is not a sanitizer.

So far, they have sold 1,000 units, totaling $3,500 in revenue from simply selling it face-to-face. Kevin O’Leary’s main concern focuses on distribution, while Mark Cuban worries that the packaging doesn’t convey their message. Because of that, he goes out, as does O’Leary.

Social reactions from Spretz’s appearance on “Shark Tank”:

Robert Herjavec worries about retail space and Barbara Corcoran doesn’t think their ask is enough. She sees passion in them but goes out. Herjavec, too, recognizes their “hustle” but goes out.

Despite acknowledging that the product works after rubbing garlic on his hands, Lori Greiner goes out.

Final deal: None.

Would you try Spretz spray?