First into the tank is Philadelphia-native SmartPlate seeking $1 million for 15 percent equity.

SmartPlate uses food-recognition and sensors to “identify, weigh and analyze food intake.” By instantaneously knowing the nutritional information in your food, it allows for easier dieting techniques.

The SmartPlate also connects to mobile devices to analyze and track your food. According to their website, it also integrates with MyFitnessPal and FitBit. The plate costs $199.

Social reactions from SmartPlate’s appearance on Shark Tank:

Daymond John doesn’t like his pitch, so goes out. Kevin O’Leary finds its use ineffective since most people would be eating away from home, therefore, away from the plate.

Mark Cuban doesn’t think he’s introducing anything new or whether it would work or not, so goes out. Guest shark Chris Sacca thinks the design would be quickly obsolete given that the plate “can’t fit in [people’s] pockets.” He goes out.

Barbara Corcoran doesn’t like his presentation either so goes out.

Final deal: None.

Would you try the SmartPlate?