Chris Gilpin of Signal Vault is the final entrepreneur to enter the tank in the season 7 premiere.

He is offering $200,000 for 12.5 percent of his company.

His company aims to prevent hackers with scanners from obtaining credit and debit card information. The card protector is simply placed in the wallet near your cards and protects your information.

The company started nearly 2 years ago and has sold 45,000. He started the company with the winnings from a $1 lottery ticket.

He explains to the sharks that credit and debit card hacking is a multi-billion dollar problem, but admits that there is another major player in the space.

O’Leary likes the product but will only bite for 20 percent.

Greinet also makes an offer, but for 18 percent. She asks for a counter to which he tells her he wants to hear from Kutcher. He goes out.

Greiner lowers her offer to 15 percent and says that she can make his product a household name.

Security leader Herjavec then offers him a deal for $200,00 for 15 percent, the same as Greiner’s. The sharks who are in fight over the deal, citing all the ways that they could build his brand.

Cuban thinks he is underestimating how hard it will be to grow his company and goes out.

He questions whether Greiner and Herjavec will come together for a $250,000 investment for 18 percent. They want better equity for a team of two and he offers back $200,000 for 25 percent.

Final deal: Herjavec and Greiner for $200,000 for 25 percent.