The Wedding Wagon was founded by Las Vegas residents James Cass and Adrian Gonzales. The businesses founders are hoping to take Vegas’ wedding reputation on the road with a mobile wedding service.

The idea is simple, The Wedding Wagon pulls up to the location of your choosing and you receive a Vegas-style wedding for as little as $129.

The Wedding Wagon opens up to feature an alter and purple curtains and is meant to replace boring justice of the peace weddings.

The entrepreneurs started their business with a $99 investment and have already earned $243,000. They were asking for $125,000 for a 20 percent equity. The pair hope to franchise their business.

With an idea that is simple to duplicate the Sharks were quick to point out the flaws in the company.

Mark Cuban refused an offer, telling the couple that if they can’t earn the money they need to expand while operating in the wedding capital of the world, the model simply won’t work. Lori Greiner bowed out because she believes the company’s franchise model will fail, while Robert Herjavec said the model was simply not proven enough to invest in at this time.  The couple had sold their previous vehicle and that led Barbara Corcoran to also exit negotiations. Kevin O’Leary also failed to make an offer, calling their decision to sell their second vehicle a big mistake.

Adrian and James left the Shark Tank with no offers and still only one Wedding Wagon to their names.

Twitter users have fully agreed with the Sharks decision to ditch this idea completely:

The Wedding Wagon doesn’t really feel like a “Vegas-style wedding.” When I think of Vegas-style weddings I think of Elvis impersonators, Star Trek themes, and other oddball options, not a cheesy mobile van with a purple curtain.

Do you think The Wedding Wagon is going to be a failure?

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