Hammer And Nails Salon - Shark Tank Season 6

Michael Elliot, a resident of Los Angeles, California, wants more men to experience the luxury of manicures. To realize his dream he has plans for a chain of men-only nail salons called Hammer And Nails. Elliot tells the shark that his salon is a man-cave. Indeed his shop features leather chairs, headphones, premium television programming, and a design that focuses specifically on guys.

Elliot actually has a tough as nails upbringing to share. The entrepreneur was a ward of the state, lived on the street, and eventually started a hip-hop magazine and then produced hip-hop videos. He even sold several films to 20th Century Fox.

In the last seven months Hammer And Nails has made $150,000, and another $100,000 is expected in the next five months.

The first Hammer And Nails location charges between $23 and $129 for a variety of features.

Elliot was asking for $200,000 for a 20% equity in the company. However, the sharks didn’t believe he could make money. Most of the sharks thought the concept was good, except for Kevin O’Leary who flat out said “Your business doesn’t make money, and I do not believe.”

He might not have received any offers, but Michael Elliot seems to be on the right track with his business so far. Perhaps an update in season 7 will show us whether or not his concept ever took off.

Shark Tank views seem to agree that the Sharks made a big mistake by passing on this concept.

Viewers also believe that whether or not Hammer And Nails succeeds, Michael Elliot will make a name for himself in the business world.

Are you a fan of the Hammer And Nails concept?