Amber is the brainchild of inventor Bill Shuey & Kyle Byrd.

The device is only 24-inches wide and 12-inches tall and attaches to wall outlets for use in public areas. The company hopes to have its product installed in airports, bars, and even parks. Business owners can offer customers a charging option with a fee attached.

Each Amber station holds up to four phones or one tablet at a time.

Amber’s inventors have also created a location-based app that allows smartphone and tablet users to find the nearest Amber station. Running out of battery power and need to charge your device quickly? The Amber station is the perfect solution for people on the go or anyone hanging out at a bar for the night.

The station’s cost $1,000 each, and that high cost helps make them very secure. To retrieve a phone or tablet users must access the Amber station via fingerprint scanner.

The guys admit that they are “pre-revenue” but made a bold $200,000 request for 20% equity in the company.

The Sharks all agreed that better solutions will likely surface and will be offered for free to consumers.

Kyle Byrd and Bill Shuey failed to make a deal.

Twitter users pretty much agreed with the Sharks and called on people to carry a phone case with a built in additional battery.

There was some support from viewers who apparently are in constant need of battery charging on their smartphones and tablets.