Next into the tank is PRx Performance seeking $80,000 for 10 percent equity.

PRx Performance takes big gym equipment and translates them into small spaces, making home workouts a breeze. The rack is mounted to a wall, making the storage simple.

The technology is patent pending and competitors are quickly creeping up, infringing upon their potential patent. Mark Cuban finds issue in the return on investment so goes out.

Social reactions from PRx Performance’s appearance on Shark Tank:

Robert Herjavec doesn’t believe that it would appeal to a large enough number of people so goes out. Lori Greiner likes the product but because they’re too early, goes out.

Daymond John goes out as well for not being able to grab either exercise target market. Kevin O’Leary $80,000 for 20 percent and 20 percent of any distributions. They accept.

Final deal: Kevin O’Leary for $80,000 for 20 percent, in addition to 20 percent of any distributions.

Would you use PRx Performance?