Last into the tank is PiperWai seeking $50,000 for 10 percent equity.

The all-natural deodorant seeks to replace traditional deodorant, which includes toxic chemicals. The deodorant is a charcoal creme that neutralizes odor. Lori Greiner even takes an up-close and personal approach by smelling the armpit of their spokeswoman.

Barbara Corcoran questions the charcoal branding and whether it turns anyone off from buying, which they say it does not. One of the things that they hope to use the sharks’ investment with is to have a skin-sensitivity test done. However, the deodorant rubs in clear.

Kevin O’Leary doesn’t want to go against the big players in the market, however, and goes out. Robert Herjavec goes out too.

Mark Cuban doesn’t like their “anecdotal responses” and doesn’t see them as being self-aware. He goes out.

Corcoran really sees the benefit in needing feedback and likes their conviction so offers $50,000 for 33 percent. However, Greiner jumps in with an offer as well, but for 35 percent.

They counter Greiner for 25 percent but she does not agree, nor does Corcoran initially when they counter her the same equity.

They end up accepting Corcoran’s deal, however, when she ultimately agrees to go down to 25 percent.

Final deal: Barbara Corcoran for $50,000 for 25 percent.