Last up is Nashville native Nerdwax, a balm that prevents glasses from slipping. They are looking for $80000 for 20 percent.

They are looking to scale their business as well as a shark’s expertise to avoid making any other mistakes.

The wax wears off over time and is simply applied to the nose pads of the glasses.

Daymond John wants to know how he came up with the idea. Having explained that he used to work outside all day, his glasses would always slide off his face. That’s when the idea for the beeswax-based product came to fruition.

They are sold online and is $10 per tube. $136,000 has been made thus far since they started selling last April.

They have had spikes in sales, however, when media websites like Mashable feature them.

Lori Greiner goes out because she doesn’t see making money from it, and John goes out for the same reason as well as it being too early.

Kevin O’Leary boasts that he is a marketing genius and offers $80,000 as a loan for 10 percent until $240,000 is paid, in addition to three percent equity.

Mark Cuban doesn’t see the product as investable and goes out.

Troy Carter thinks their product is very much in its infancy but has no problem with that. He offers $80,000 as a loan until $120,00 is repaid, in addition to 10 percent equity.

They don’t like the idea of a loan since they have no debt and decline both the offers.

Final deal: None

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