Last into the tank is MTailor seeking $2.5 million for 10 percent equity.

MTailor provides men custom clothing, simply by getting measured through your phone. The camera measures in under five minutes.

Having run into supply-chain issues, he seeks an investment from the sharks to help with these problems. The sharks see value in licensing the technology, however, the founder wants to utilize it in order to build their brand. The sharks also question his valuation.

Social reactions from MTailor’s appearance on Shark Tank:

After going back and forth with Chris Sacca, he goes out. Barbara Corcoran doesn’t see a “shame factor” in him so goes out. Despite not “liking”him, Daymond John offers $2.5 million for 17.5 percent with a push for licensing. After giving a counter offer and having differing perspectives, John goes out.

Kevin O’Leary offers $2.5 million as debt with seven percent on the loan, for 2.5 percent equity. Mark Cuban then goes out.

Declining O’Leary’s offer, O’Leary retorts that “he’s a dead shirt walking.”

Final deal: None.

Would you use MTailor?