Next is milk + brookies, a Los-Angeles based product. They are seeking $100,000 for 20 percent.

Their delicious creations are a combination of a cookie and a brownie and include eight different types of combos. Some of the brookies include OG, Red Velvet and Blondie. They are sold online.

One of the owners explains that it started off by wanting to pay their cable bill and also brought them to a holiday party, to which everyone loved and wanted more.

None of the three owners are full time with the business.

They make every brookie themselves and Kevin O’Leary doesn’t see it as scalable. They have sold $14,000 thus far.

O’Leary explains that since they ship fresh, in order to make it scalable they would have to offer only four products.

All of the sharks agree that they are not charging nearly enough for their brookies, however. Mark Cuban goes out because he sees it as only a “bake sale” for now.

O’Leary also sees it as a hobby and goes out.

Robert Herjavec loves the product as well, but will only remain a customer. He goes out but looks forward to an invitation to their “dance team parties.”

Barbara Corcoran tells them they are too early as well and goes out. Lori Greiner finds this a problem too and goes out.

Final deal: None

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