Next into the tank is Los Angeles native Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions, a new kind of eyelash extension service.

She is seeking $300,000 for 20 percent equity. She is seeking a patent for her process, which cuts the application time in half.

Robert Herjavec questions whether they are investing in the product or the service, which she responds that she wants the investment for the product. She eventually wants to license it.

Kevin O’Leary says it is not investable and goes out.

Expressing how important it is to her, she gets emotional telling them how much of her life to has devoted to it. She wants them to take a chance on her and she is willing to do the work.

Barbara Corcoran explains how it needs to be built, but goes out because she sees it as a service, not a business.

Lori Greiner goes out too, but she thinks it will go places because of how much fire she sees in Bey.

Mark Cuban goes out as well because it is not scalable, and Robert Herjavec goes out for the same reason.

Corcoran also expresses her disdain over her crying during her pitch. “The minute a woman cries, she gives away her power,” Corcoran says. She explains that she doesn’t trust when someone cries when viewed through the lens of a business.

Final deal: None