Next up is McClary Brothers, Detroit native, which sell handcrafted drinking vinegars.

Jess-Sanchez McClary confidently enters the tank seeking $100,000 for 15 percent. After enjoying some samples, the sharks seem very impressed.

Cuban asks to see the packaging and the sharks are disgusted after smelling right from the bottle.

Vinegar is used as the preservative and O’Leary doesn’t think people will buy into that.

Since 2012, they have made $305,000.

Generally, it is used as a mixer. Cuban wonders how the company can be scaled but O’Leary still questions how big this can go.

Greiner cites the medicinal properties to use it as a stomach calming elixir, but she does not offer up anything.

Herjavec wonders if she can handle the risk if an offer would be accepted, so he is out as well.

Cuban sees it as an amazing brand but does not like vinegar drinks, so he too, is out.

O’Leary cites the problem of educating people that vinegar can be used as a natural preservative. Kutcher tells O’Leary that he is belittling people and calls him out on it.

Kutcher likes the packaging but doesn’t see that she has a solid plan so he is out.

Final deal: None.

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