Finally, Dude, a Chicago-based product, enters the tank seeking $300,000 for 10 percent.

They are a different way to “take care of your business.” Instead of the regular toilet paper, they offer bathroom wipes that you can also use on your face, armpits and hands.

Barbara Corcoran cites the first problem, saying that the wipes are too fragile after having poked her finger through it immediately after taking it out.

They have made $300,000 to date, but project over a $1 million in the next year. The projection is based on their product getting into Kroger. They hope to get more retailers with the Sharks’ money.

Mark sees two problems: he doesn’t use wipes and thinks they underestimate how difficult it will be to get into market. He goes out.

Corcoran also believes they need to sell to women since men don’t buy toilet paper anyway. She cannot get past the fragility either so goes out.

Robert Herjavec offers 300,000 for 25 percent, citing all the risk he would have to take on. Kevin O’Leary makes the same deal.

Lori Greiner finds their packaging good but doesn’t like their valuation so goes out.

They counter Herjavec and O’Leary for $300,000 for 20 percent but want both of them in the same deal. They counter their own offer for 25 percent.

O’Leary counter 30 percent if they want both him and O’Leary. Herjavec counters 27.5 percent.

Mark Cuban swoops in, as he often does, and takes the deal from under Herjavec and O’Leary’s nose.

Final deal: Mark Cuban for $300,000 for 25 percent.

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