Table 87 Frozen Coal Oven Pizza is the first into the tank. They offer fresh pizza to their customers, like your favorite around-the-corner pizza shop.

He is seeking $200,000 for 10 percent equity. The pizza cooks in less than two minutes and is made in the brick-and mortar store.

He flash freezes the fresh pizza and sells them to grocery stores for everyone to enjoy.

Barabara Corcoran brings up the first concern of what exactly he is offering, which is simply the frozen pizza portion, not the restaurants.

Mark Cuban sees it as very convenient and sees the on-demand delivery as the “goldmine” of the company.

Robert Herjavec says it’s a very brutal market and questions the ability to get space for the pizza, so he goes out.

Corcoran sees lack of direction and doesn’t like his idea to go online but still has issues with what exactly she would own. She expresses interest in making an offer but wants a bigger piece of the pie. She offers $200,000 for 30 percent.

O’Leary offers $200,000 for $0.25 royalty on every slice until $600,000 is paid back. But Lori Greiner puts an offer up too. She offers $250,000 for 20 percent, an “offer he can’t refuse.” She likes his multitude of ideas and sees them as valuable.

Cuban likes the idea but does not like the store ideas. He likes his idea to go online, but remains as only a customer and goes out.

After countering with Greiner, he decides to accept her deal.

Final deal: Lori Greiner for $250,000 for 18.5 percent equity.

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