Next into the tank is Linka seeking $250,000 for 10 percent equity.

Linka helps keep a bike from being stolen by offering a high-tech smart bike lock. It always stays on the bike and auto-unlocks upon approaching it.

Someone could pick the bike up, but it is immobilized and an alarm goes off, while a tamper warning is sent to the owner. Robert Herjavec still finds the need for a chain, which he does offer. Other features include a bike parking locator and bike theft heat map.

Social reactions from Linka’s appearance on Shark Tank:

Barbara Corcoran doesn’t find it as an efficient of a deterrent as a traditional lock and Herjavec agrees. They both go out.

Kevin O’Leary doesn’t find it exciting and goes out. Lori Greiner finds it “clever” but believes the alarm needs to be louder. She also goes out.

Mark Cuban is the final shark to go out for the high saturation of bike locks in the market.

Final deal: None.

Would you try the Linka lock?