Next into the tank is Float Baby seeking $150,000 for 20 percent equity.

Float Baby is a water therapy and massage business for babies. Babies as young as two weeks old can take place in the water exercises and massage.

According to their website, this can help “improve muscle tone, provide digestion and constipation relief, promote familiarity with water,” as well as help in left/right brain development. The one-hour class costs $55.

Social reactions from Float Baby’s appearance on Shark Tank:

Kevin O’Leary thinks that the competition could be too tough, but the other sharks worry that it hasn’t gone viral and her marketing. Mark Cuban quickly goes out after her not answering one of his questions about “grinding” on sales.

Chris Sacca doesn’t find anything extremely unique so goes out. Daymond John doesn’t think she knows how to create a loyal following so goes out.

Barbara Corcoran agrees with her lack of hustle as well and goes out. O’Leary and other sharks wonder why she decided not to sell the rings or tubs, to which she says she was looking for advice from the sharks. Clarifying that she should have instead looked for an investment, O’Leary goes out.

Final deal: None.

What do you think of Float Baby?

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