Next up is Controlled Chaos seeking $50,000 for 20 percent equity.

A solution for unruly hair created by hairstylists, it aims to help women love their natural curls and texture by using a creme that tightly holds onto their curls.

They have sold $300,000 worth and currently develop just the Curl Creme. For the past two years, their sales have fallen flat because they cannot put any money into inventory.

Lori Greiner questions why they are not being distributed, which goes back to their lack of funds and not having enough money to put into inventory, therefore, lack of ability to distribute the product.

Social reactions from Controlled Chaos’ appearance on “Shark Tank”:

With the money from the sharks, they hope to rebrand and refocus their efforts, which worries Mark Cuban for the then lack of funds they would have to invest in advertising and promotions so he goes out.

Because he knows there’s a large market for products that help tame natural hair, Kevin O’Leary offers $50,000 for 50 percent equity. Then Lori Greiner offers just $1,000 more at $51,000 for 50 percent. Barabara Corcoran says she doesn’t entirely trust them but offers $50,000 for 51 percent equity, but only a 33 percent share in profits.

Greiner, QVC Queen, then sweetens her deal to $60,000 for 50 percent, causing Robert Herjavec to go out for lack of a better offer. Ultimately, they accept Greiner’s offer.

Final deal: Lori Greiner for $60,000 for 50 percent equity.

Would you try the Controlled Chaos Curl Creme?