First into the tank is Pittsburgh-native Beer Blizzard seeking $100,000 for 20 percent equity.

Beer Blizzard looks to keep beer cold by putting in a dome-shaped “ice cube” underneath the can. It can also be used on soda cans. Just freeze the “ice cube” and the beverage will stay ice cold.

With an insulator and the cube, the beer will stay cold for 21 minutes. The sharks question that the name only includes beer, but they see it as specifically targeting their market.

Kevin O’Leary thinks it would be beneficial to have beer companies put their name on the cubes, which they have tried to do but with their calls going unanswered.

Social reactions from Beer Blizzard’s appearance on Shark Tank:

Robert Herjavec is the first to go out, followed by Daymond John for not having a clear focus.

Mark Cuban likes their idea and offers $100,000 for 25 percent. Lori Greiner jumps in with the offer they came in looking for, however, they ultimately accept Cuban’s offer.

Final deal: Mark Cuban for $100,000 for 25 percent.

Would you use Beer Blizzard?

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