Next up is the Beard Head seeking $250,000 for 25 percent equity.

The festive and fun hats include a beanie and detachable beard facemask all in one. Some of their themes includes “The Tailgate,” perfect for those chilly college game nights and “The Santa.” Last year was a down year for them with over $900,000-worth sold, given that one of their major competitors sued for infringement of rights.

Barbara Corcoran says she “doesn’t get it” so goes out. Mark Cuban doesn’t see it as scalable so goes out as well.

Despite Lori Greiner thinking there are some cute products, she sees it as simply a fad and goes out. However, she says she will look out for where he goes in the future.

The product doesn’t excite Kevin O’Leary either and goes out, leaving only Robert Herjavec.

The “flatline” sales aspect of the hats worries Herjavec so he goes out.

Final deal: None.