Next into the tank are Alex Hanson and Hunter Molzen of Barbell Apparel, seeking $500,000 for five percent equity.

Barbell Apparel offers athletic fit denim, tailored for athletic builds with advanced tech fabrics and 360-degree movement.

Key Takeaways: Barbell on Shark Tank

  • Barbell Apparel, presented by Alex Hanson and Hunter Molzen on Shark Tank, offers athletic fit denim and other clothing tailored for muscular builds.
  • Their advanced tech fabrics and 360-degree movement design accommodate any body type, promising both style and comfort.
  • Despite a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $700,000, they seek $500,000 for 5% equity to overcome inventory hurdles.
  • Expected to generate $2.3 million in revenue this year, Barbell Apparel faces skepticism from the sharks due to valuation and industry challenges.
  • While Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary express concerns and opt out, the entrepreneurs continue their journey on Shark Tank.
  • Social media buzzes with reactions to Barbell Apparel’s appearance, prompting questions about their clothing’s appeal and potential customer base.
  • Tune in to Shark Tank every Friday on ABC to witness more entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to the sharks and vie for investment opportunities.

They offer denim pants, khakis, chino pants, T-shirts and more. According to their website, their clothing “will accommodate any body type. Even if your legs aren’t particularly muscular, Barbell Denim will still look amazing on you and feel even more amazing as you move in them. Our hybrid denim stretches both ways so that it can compliment smaller legs, while still easily stretching to accommodate larger legs as well.” Their jeans range from $134 to $149.

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This year, they are expected to do $2.3 million in revenue. Getting their start through a Kickstarter campaign, they raised more than $700,000. They are looking for a shark to help them “over their inventory hurdles.”

Robert Herjavec thinks it’s a difficult problem to solve under their valuation, while Daymond John doesn’t want to get into denim fashion. John goes out.

Mark Cuban thinks there’s too high a barrier to entry and goes out as well. Lori Greiner acknowledges that the industry is difficult and that they managed to create something new, but goes out.

Herjavec is concerned by the inventory problem and goes out, as does Kevin O’Leary, who acknowledges the same problems the other sharks pointed out with the money issues.

Each week on “Shark Tank,” budding entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their emerging business to six multi-millionaire and billionaire investors, known as sharks: Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks; Daymond John, fashion mogul and founder of FUBU; Kevin O’Leary, self-proclaimed Mr. Wonderful and founder of O’Leary Financial Group; Barbara Corcoran, real estate maven; Lori Greiner, queen of QVC; and Robert Herjavec, technology guru and founder/CEO of the Herjavec Group. Venture capitalist Chris Sacca is also slated to appear as a guest shark this season.

“Shark Tank,” which is based on “Dragons’ Den,” is produced by Mark Burnett and first debuted in 2009. To date, the sharks have invested more than $87 million in various companies after engaging in numerous bidding wars and shark fights. A new episode airs each Friday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Social Media Reacts to Barbell Apparel’s Appearance on “Shark Tank”:

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