It’s a special episode of “Shark Tank” tonight: all the pitches are coming from millennial entrepreneurs! The first entrepreneur into the tank is Maxwell Cohen of AfreSHeet seeking $100,000 for 20 percent equity.

AfreSHeet is a disposable fitted bed sheet liner. The waterproof, peel away sheet makes it the perfect product for college students. The sheet includes seven layers.

Robert Herjavec sees its practicality in hospitals, which he has not yet approached. He has put $12,000 into the company.

Despite pitching it to Bed, Bath & Beyond, it did not get into stores for not wanting to be the ones to “introduce” to the world.

Mark Cuban is the first to go out. Herjavec finds the sheet practicality in the sheet, but Kevin O’Leary does not. He tells him to “shoot it or burn it.”

Lori Greiner finds the issue in its lack of softness so she goes out. Daymond John doesn’t like the concept so goes out as well.

Herjavec does not like that he has no orders and no proof of concept and goes out.

Final deal: None.

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