It’s a new year of pitches on “Shark Tank” and first up is Abs Protein Pancakes for their chance to get a shark on their side. They are seeking $120,000 for 40 percent equity.

The protein pancakes are under 250 calories and gluten free. Flavors include cinnamon roll, chocolate chip and vanilla cake batter.

Daymond John and Robert Herjavec are the first to point out its dryness and aftertaste. Mark Cuban thinks it gets better over time though.

They sell through their website but the price comes with a catch: The pack costs $42.95. Because they are ordering in such little amounts, the price is higher.

Social reactions from Abs Protein Pancakes’ appearance on “Shark Tank”:

Cuban goes out first, saying that they are only a product thus far. John feels the shock value of its high cost so goes out.

Lori Greiner acknowledges that it may work, but that she doesn’t like the taste and goes out. Kevin O’Leary does not like the taste so goes out.

Herjavec notes that the price is too high but likes their packaging so offers $120,000 for 50 percent. John cites the problem with his offer and they counter 45. He goes down to 49 percent but John swoops in for 42 and they accept.

Final deal: Daymond John for $120,000 for 42 percent.

What did you think of Abs Protein Pancakes? Would you try them?