Shaquille O’Neal is seeking funding to make a sequel to the video game “Shaq Fu.” The original video game came out in 1994 and O’Neal promises this time around to not “FU” it up. Needless to say, the original was not exactly a big hit.

In the original video game, O’Neal’s character comes across a kung fu dojo after a charity basketball game. He then stumbles upon a portal that delivers him to an alternate dimension where he engages in combat with various types of characters.

O’Neal and the other’s working on the project (including Big Deez Productions) began a crowd funding campaign, seeking $450,000. So is this genius or just another blunder? Some people are saying that it’s a good idea to involve people in the funding practice so that they can gauge how much of an interest surrounds this sequel. Others say it will be met with just as many shortcomings and, of all games, weren’t looking for a sequel to this.

No matter the intentions of the crowd funding, O’Neal’s campaign is donating 5 percent “of all profits from the game to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America.” (O’Neal is a spokesperson for this national organization)

Production will be taken in a whole different direction from the first and the new game may even include various weapons and “Shaq power-ups.”

And hey, if you donate to his project, you get Shaq rewards including getting a follow from him on Instagram or Twitter, even a chance to hang out with O’Neal (for donating $35,000). There are other prizes available depending on how much you donate.

Perhaps this new video game will be one to remember…what do you think?