Selena Gomez took to her official Twitter account to promote her new project with William H. Macy titled “Rudderless”. The movie marks the directorial debut of Macy’s work and the former Disney starlet had nothing but good words for the movie project.

Selena shared the above photo of herself along with the other stars in the flick and captioned the picture: “I genuinely feel cheesy sometimes promoting certain projects but this one.. I’m not in a whole lot of but I can’t even begin to express how beautiful this movie is. And every single person in it. Parents, peeps -this one is absolutely touching. SO proud of Bill Macy! Check it out. #RUDDERLESS”.

Seeing Selena take time out of her busy schedule must mean that this movie is near and dear to her heart. On a more personal level, it was said that Selena Gomez and her off-again/on-again boyfriend Justin Bieber called time on their relationship following reports that he wouldn’t propose.

Selena and Justin have dated since 2010 with several breaks in between, but she was reportedly waiting for him to pop the question during their romantic trip together in Paris, France. When she broke things off due to the lack of a proposal, Justin was seen the following evening going to dinner with Kendall Jenner.

“Rudderless” tells the story of a man who lost his son and found some of his old demo tapes and lyrics only to create a band in order to find some closure. The movie will be released into theaters on October 17, 2014.

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