A second health care worker at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has tested positive for the Ebola virus, the Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed today.

As with the first health care worker at that hospital to contract the deadly virus, this one was also involved in the care of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person officially diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. Duncan died last week.

Yesterday, the health care worker reported a fever and was immediately isolated.

Health officials conducted interviews with the patient to identify further exposure risks as well as contacts. People who have been in contact with the patient, whose name has not been released yet, will be monitored for signs of infection.

“Right now, we have two confirmed cases at this time,” Zach Thompson, director of Dallas Health and Human Services, told KTVT. “I don’t know if there will be additional cases but let’s not be surprised.”

The preliminary Ebola test was run late yesterday at the state public health laboratory in Austin. Results were received around midnight.

As was the case with the other health care worker who tested positive for Ebola, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will conduct a separate test to determine if, in fact, the patient has been infected with the Ebola virus.

Ebola is spread through contact with the bodily fluids of someone who already as the virus or by exposure to contaminated objects, such as needles.

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